Contextualizing and improving my course

The online education project for UTC INACAP is based on the SLN pedagogical methodology for training faculty in designing and teaching a high quality online course. It places the student on the center of the learning process and it’s based on the interaction between students, with the teacher and the content.

In this model, the teacher’s role is critical in the design, construction and implementation of the course. For this reason, teachers have to participate in a faculty development cycle, where they learn and practice, as a student of an online course, the benefits and limits of online learning, how to present content, how to motivate students, make activities, make them interact, how to assess, and how to teach and manage their courses during the implementation.

At INACAP we have some limitations: it is expensive to construct every course for every teacher, so they want to construct an standard course that can be implemented by more teachers. I think that is very important to be the constructor of your owne course, but it is possible to teach it if your well trained.

For this purpose, we designed another training course for facult who are only teaching. It has only 4 modules: the first one is for make a learning community and to get to know the new technologies, the second one is for them to learn how to edit ad change some elements of the course and put their owne stamp on it. Finally, they have to learn how to teach and manage their course.

It is important to compare the performance of this two types of faculty, and the results of satisfaction and motivation of the students with this two different types of courses.

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